Michael Gomes, 20 oktober 2018 

Questionmark Exclamation

I'm trying to find
An answer to which there's no question
Yet i'm asking
An exclamation
Kick these walls down, just give me a minute
This six windowed house is trying to contain my spirit and everything in it
Smells like a pine forest in the autumn
Bittersweet rain is pouring
On the inside
Outside the sun is shining rainbows
Let it go
Could it be the pot of gold is just hiding?
I'm trying to find it
But it's right there in plain sight
Shit i just missed my flight
Brother fuck my life i'm just trying to get right
I just need one more fix as if i could fix all this shit, it don't make no sense
So i'm going cold turkey on the ego
Ask him for some answers he knows
But he's only occupied with what tomorrow brings and what yesterday's been holding on to
Which tone you just used when you pronounced his name or how green the grass is on the other side
I refuse
I'm a rebel
But with each act of resistance
The less resiliance
The more i'm missing out on the brilliance of that what already is
And that is...
I already know the answer to which there's no question
So stop asking
Exclamation mark
Any questions?